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Articles by Mark Finch.

The feet
The foot is the foundation of support for the body. We have heard many times that strength and balance in the foot effect the functioning of the whole body. In this article we explore the myofascial structures that support and balance the foot. Read more.

Tensegrity is currently a popular term being talked about in almost every somatic field. Lets explore exactly what that word means and its relevance to you body. Read more.

Postural Patterns
We all have an idea of what good posture should look like, our mothers told us to “stand up straight” Why then is this so seldom experienced in our culture? Many of us feel our posture could be better, so what is keeping us from being fully upright or ‘standing up straight’? Read more.

KMI Experience Series
Join Kirk LaPointe from the Vancouver Sun as he documents his journey of a KMI series with Mark Finch. These articles appeared in the Vancouver Sun in 2004 and are Kirk’s reflections on his experience. Read more.

Mark’s thoughts on the KMI Experience Series
This article is a follow up to the KMI experience. It appeared in the Vancouver Sun following Kirk La Pontes’ series. These are my thoughts or reply to Kirks series. Read more.

Riverdance the Show
This piece appeared in Common Ground Magazine, 2001. I toured with Riverdance the show for 2 years in the late 90’s . These are my thoughts from that time, the challenges of clinical treatment and of life on the road. Read more.

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