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Testimonials from Students.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work this weekend. You gave us so much invaluable information and made it so digestible and applicable.
Your enthusiasm, humor, passion for your work and abundant knowledge made the workshop a wonderful experience - the best course I've taken in 7 years of teaching.”


"The concepts are brilliant and beautifully explained. Mark makes the material so easy to understand through his use of visual aid analogies and practical exercises. And in turn I now have tools to explain to my clients why I might not work directly on the part that hurts "
Ramona Ng
Holistic Bodywork practitioner

"Spending the weekend in this course has enlightened me on so many levels. With regards to my teaching, I head back to the front of my classes energized to encourage a much better and deeper practice. I loved the whole weekend. Thank you"
Cathy Mines
Reach Yoga

"The Anatomy Trains and Structural Integration course is one of the most valuable seminars I have attended. Tom Myer's perspective of the design of the fascial net provides refreshing insight to the function of the human body. Mark Finch is an outstanding presenter and is wonderfully able to effectively communicate with practical examples to people with varying backgrounds and abilities."
Kelly Otto, DC
Portland USA

"I have been teaching Pilates for 10 years. I deeply respect the system and I am always looking for the new ways to take my practice to the next level. In 2001 I discovered Thomas Myers groundbreaking book, Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians and began my own intense studies of the system. Years later I was fortunate enough to attend Mark Finch’s course, where the light switch was flipped and I was truly able to marry these concepts together with what I do. To the wonderful Mark Finch a huge thank you for his deep knowledge of this work and his fantastic teaching abilities that enable even the beginner to understand how to integrate the Myofascial Slings into movement. This work has blown open a whole new doorway in my teaching and has profoundly enriched and deepened my approach to Pilates, Stretching and Small Ball Release techniques. I am now happily and irrevocably immersed in a life long process in understanding the science of the sling system and implementing the rules into my practice. I believe that integrating these principles will lead my clients towards a more balanced approach to achieving overall body wisdom."
Kathleen Keller
Certified STOTT® and Polestar® Pilates Practitioner
Calgary, Canada

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